Alexandre Kabbach

I am a PhD candidate in (Computational) Linguistics at the University of Geneva working with Aurélie Herbelot and Jacques Moeschler. Contact: firstname[at]



I was at UndoneCS on February 5-7 2024 to present my work on the undone science of artificial intelligence.


I was at JCoLE on September 5-8 2022 to present our work on Language without shared meaning.


From July 1st 2021 to December 31st 2022 I was a SNF Fellow for 18 months at the ILLC in Amsterdam working with Raquel Fernández.

Our new paper on Avoiding conflict: when speaker coordination does not require conceptual agreement is out in Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence Language and Computation!


I was at GeCKo on May 18 2020 with Aurélie Herbelot to present our contribution to Modeling lexical semantic shifts during ad-hoc coordination


I was at ACL from July 29 to August 2 2019 to present Towards incremental learning of word embeddings using context informativeness at the Student Research Workshop


I was at COLING on August 21-24 2018 with Corentin Ribeyre to present a paper on Butterfly Effects in Frame Semantic Parsing


I was at eLex on September 19-21 2017 with Corentin Ribeyre to present myValencer: a Valence Patterns Search Engine for FrameNet


I was at COLING on December 13-16 2016 with Corentin Ribeyre to present the Valencer: an API to Query Valence Patterns in FrameNet